Isabel Forsyth


Despite a lifelong love affair with horses, I only seriously took up riding in my very late twenties and bought my first horse shortly after my 30th birthday. I have been riding for 20+ years and still love the buzz of learning something new. Last year I acquired a lovely horse from a friend – Roxane Du Talus or Frenchie to her friends and afectionately known as big bird as she’s 17.2. My ultimate ambitions are to jump a foxhunter (have mastered(ish) 1m – so just the other 20cm to perfect) or to appear at the Royal Highland Show – we can all dream. I joined the committee five years ago and previously held posts of secretary and membership secretary. Please get in touch if if you have any queries regarding the club or our activities.

I have been riding since I was little and have taken part in many shows from working hunter to showjumping. I have been part of Ayr riding club for nearly two years now. Milo is my up and coming youngster. I have done many different things with him since he was broken as a 3yo. He has done everything from hunting to dressage and is now part of BD and loving work no matter what it is!

Eilidh Burrow

Vice Chair

Joanne Petty


Brought up on a farm in Yorkshire I got my first pony at six years old. Trigger was an ex-rag and bone pony – very mindful and insisted on walking in the middle of the road (probably good training for riding down the centre line all these years later!). What can I say, he was very much loved and cemented my love of horses at an early age. After moving to Scotland in my twenties and being horseless for a number of years, I then met Vandal and decided it was time to pick up the reins once more. I joined ARC to give us the incentive to get out and about and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting some great friends through their competitions and training.

I started riding when I was about 10 at the local riding school and, after 30 years away from riding took it up again when I lived near Glasgow. When we moved to Ayrshire nine years ago I bought Scooby, 14’1’’ Connemara, and since then life has changed completely. We have a go at most things at low level and I am challenging myself to jump higher and do more XC. I joined Ayr RC 18 months ago and have enjoyed both the training and the competitions.

Helen Green


Julie Hanna

Team Manager

I joined Ayr Riding Club to take part in the dressage and combined training competitions and have been on the committee for a year. Many of you may know me from my involvement with the BHS. Following breaking my shoulder in April 2015 (following a horse related accident) and not being able to ride for numerous months, I became involved in organising our dressage and show jumping teams. I am normally out competing at dressage at prelim/novice level on Merlin, a black fell who I ride for a friend. I also organise our annual Xmas beach ride and Xmas night out and help organise joint events with the BHS.

Started riding when I was 8 years old at craigie riding school then moved to Muirmill with the Browns my passion since I was a child is hunting. I have hunted my wee Henry with the Eglinton Lanark and Renfrew and now currently with Dumfries and Stewartry l enjoy riding club and hope to help make it fun for all.

Evelyn Rollo

Membership Secretary

Caroline Vance

Committee Member

Started late at this riding malarkey. Firstly with my wonderful big warmblood Leo who took charge most of the time and I’ve learnt that it was probably just as well. Leo is now in his 20s, has had a stroke and goes everywhere sideways with great zest and enthusiasm in his retirement. Alfie and Eric now take me jumping. Alfie, also a warmblood has the same style as Leo – in charge most of the time as he probably knows best; Eric being more of a feisty thoroughbred is a different story and I’m still working out the controls to see if I can more of a say!

I started riding in 1976 at Muirmill Equestrian Centre and 41 years later I have my horse Odin stabled there, it has changed a bit since 1976! I have had Odin for nearly 8 years and there have been plenty of ups and downs. After he had a severe accident a number of years ago resulting in a fractured cannon bone and most of his leg missing I never thought I would to ride him again never mind compete. Last year we went on to be placed in the Equiads Dressage finals in Novice and Elementary and be part of the mounted prize giving, just shows we should never give up on our dreams! I have also trained and qualified in Equine Reiki which has introduced me to some amazing horses that i have been lucky enough to work on. I joined ARC to take part in the training events and help us improve when competing.

Jackie Thoms

Committee Member

Julie Pitchford-Borrett

Committee Member

My lifelong obsession and devotion to horses started when my Mother sat me upon a horse before I could even walk!  And my childhood was instilled with the responsibility to look after and care for my ponies. Hours were spent before and after school with them and jumping and hunting etc most weekends.

Many horses labelled as problem, dangerous etc have come to me over the years and I am blessed to be able to help and understand them when others can not. This is so rewarding spiritually. And means we are a self funded sanctuary and home for them!!

Between us my horses and myself have competed at HOYS, RIH, RH, GYS etc and have been so lucky to have won some fabulous titles inc International National etc. After years of not being able to ride due to illness, injury and many of my horses are in their 30s I am keen to restart and actually go out and do something again other than mucking out etc!

So I need to learn the correct riding position rather than the skin of ones teeth position! Especially as I will be venturing out with my ex-racers Tiny & Medal. Tiny (pictured) attitude is “come on Mum life is fun lets run”. He having ran Grand Nationals and won the Durham one knows he is a superstar and pictured on TopSpec Cool Balancer feed bags.

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