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 Ayr Riding Club forms part of Area 1 (South of Scotland) for Area qualifiers and Regional finals.

We welcome riders and horse of all abilities to take part in qualifying competitions.

Enthusiasm and a can-do attitude are equally if not more important than competition results –

and who wouldn’t love the chance to compete in an Ayr Riding Club numnah?

If you are unable to ride you can still take part in the qualifiers by volunteering as the team club helper.

Both routes are great way to meet other club members and learn new skills.

Additional training is organised for individual / team members in the run up to qualifiers and finals.

2022 News

Julie Hanna, Katie Nisbet, Jill Offer and Keira Lindsay represented the club at the recent BRC Novice Winter Dressage Championships at Arena UK. They enjoyed the experience and camaraderie of such a big competition.

Congratulations to committee member Rebecca McNab came first in the Advanced Medium class today, 1st May, at the Area 1 Dressage to Music qualifiers.

Well done to our riding club members who took part in the BRC Area 22/1 Horse Trials at Kirriemuir on Sunday 5th June.
Well done to Sharon Thom who competed in the 100cm as an individual.
Our 90cm team consisted of Sharon Thom, Carol McGrath, Kate Wilton and Hayley Nelson.
We also had Rebecca McNab and Rachel Sherry representing the club in the 80cm class as individuals.
Everyone did really well.Well done to Sharon in the 100cm, Hayley in the 90cm and Rachel in the 80cm for qualifying for the Championships in August !

9/10 July summer qualifiers@ Morris
Thank you to all who took part in the qualifiers, either as an individual or as part of an ARC team, and all those members who helped over the very warm weekend. Congratulations to the 90 cm show jumping team comprising Carol McGrath, Ida Strandberg, Melanie Scott and Rachel Sherry. Carol also came 1st in the individual and Melanie was second. Susan Stuart was second in the 80 cm individual. Congratulations to you all.

Fab day on 30th October at the BRC Showjumping Qualifiers at SNEC! 

Rebecca McNab won the 80cm Individual! 🥇

The 90cm team came 2nd! 👏The team consisted of Carol McGrath, Debbie Rodwell, Zoe Streatfield and Rachel Sherry!

Well done to our 2 90cm individual riders Sharon Thom and Hayley Nelson

Zoe Streatfield went on to take 3rd place and Sharon Thom took 4th place as individuals in the 90cm! 👏

Sharon Thom also went on to take 2nd place as an individual in the 1m! 👏

Well done to everyone and thanks to all the volunteers at Lothians Riding Club for hosting! It was a super day.

Great day at Morris on 5th November!

Our dressage riders put on a great show at the BRC Area 1 Winter Dressage Qualifier at Morris EC on Saturday. We had three teams which came 1st, 3rd and 6th as well as wonderful individual results.

Huge thank you to BRC Area 1 for organising such a great day! Thank you to all our ARC helpers : Julie Hanna, Rebecca McNab, Linda Chambers, Louise Morgan, Isobel Forsyth and Helen Green! We are grateful that we can compete at the qualifiers knowing we have also supported the running of the show with our amazing ARC volunteers!

The WINNING team was Ayr Riding Club Dressage Divas which consisted of Sharon Thom, Ella Gilchrist, Hannah Gilchrist and Rachel Sherry 🥇

Our Ayr Hot Trotters came 3rd which consisted of Sharon Thom, Hayley Nelson, Carol McGrath and Heather McNellis 🥉
And our Ayr Pirouettes team came 6th which consisted of Jill Offer, Ida Strandberg, Katrina Boon and Irene Young 🏅
Out of 19 teams – 1st, 3rd and 6th place is an amazing result for our teams!! 👏

Now on to Individual 1st to 6th placings:
Well done to Sharon Thom who got 1st place in the Novice 24 🥇
Well done to Hanna Gilchrist who got 1st place in the Novice 27 🥇

Well done to our ARC Chair, Susan Stuart who got 2nd place in the Intro 🥈
Well done to Katrina Boon who got 2nd place in the Prelim 12 🥈

Well done to Mollie Dickson who got 5th place in the Intro 🏅
Well done to Hayley Nelson who got 6th place in Novice 24 🏅
Well done to Rachel Sherry who got 6th place in Prelim 12 🏅

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